Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2 dan Kunci Jawaban

Pada kesempatan kali ini akan membagikan Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2 dan Kunci Jawaban yang dapat kalian pelajari. Buat adek-adek yang duduk di bangku kelas 4 SD, Soal ini sangat penting untuk di pelajari, karena bisa jadi akan keluar ketika Ujian UTS tiba. Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester  2 plus Kunci Jawaban merupakan prediksi soal dalam bentuk pilihan Ganda (pg) dan Essay. Berikut soal-soal Bahasa Inggris nya.

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c or d!

1. Catch the thief is a duty of ....
a. soldier
b. police
c. sailor
d. farmer

2. Evelyn is ten years old. Putri is older than Evelyn. Yoga is twelve years old. If Yoga is older than Putri, so Putri is .... years old.
a. eleven
b. ten
c. thirteen
d. nine

3. Billy is eighteen years old. We can say that Billy is .... boy
a. baby
b. child
c. adult
d. adolescent

4. Our parents are ....
a. father and mother
b. brother and sister
c. grandfather and grandmother
d. son and daugther

5. My father has a father. He is my ....
a. grandfather
b. son
c. uncle
d. niece

6. Where is Daniel’s house?
a. new
b. good
c. very big
d. on Lawu street

7. sister – in – the office – Indah’s – works
The correct sentence is ....
a. Sister in the office Indah’s works
b. Sister works  in the office Indah’s
c. Indah’s sister works in the office
d. The office works sister in Indah’s

8. Mrs. Yunita .... three daughter.
a. have
b. makes
c. has
d. use

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester  2 dan Kunci Jawaban
Danis : What is Hera doing
Ica     : She is .... by telephone
a. speaking
b. walking
c. reading
d. studying

10. How old is Dewi?
She is ....
a. beautiful
b. ten old
c. a student
d. kind

11. Our aunt is our parent’s ....
a. sister
b. daughter
c. mother
d. grandmother

12. Mr. Fauzan is a member of Indonesian Army. He is a ....
a. sailor
b. police
c. soldier
d. minister

13. Felicia : .... is your telephone number?
    Diandra : It is 081 123 456 789
a. where
b. when
c. what
d. who

14. A : Does your uncle have a son ?
      B : No, ....
a. he does not
b. she does not
c. he is not
d. she is not

15. on-Jakarta street-lives-Jojo.
The correct arrangement is ....
a. Jojo on Jakarta street lives
b. Jojo lives on Jakarta street
c. Jakarta street lives on Jojo
d. Jojo Jakarta lives on street

16. A : Do you like mushroom ?
      B : ....., I don’t.
a. Yes
b. Not
c. Is
d. No

17. Marta : Do you have a new telephone number?
    Dinata : Yes, ....
a. I do
b. I am
c. You do
d. You are

18. Generally all people live in a ....
a. hall
b. field
c. hotel
d. house

19. Mr. Diego always goes to one place to other place for his journey. He is a ....
a. traveler
b. driver
c. seller
d. manager

20. Farhan .... on Kawi street
a. buys
b. likes
c. lives
d. looks

21. When we are sick, we go to ....
a. doctor
b. driver
c. teacher
d. writer

22. A farmer gets money from ....
a. selling farm
b. selling garden
c. selling clothes
d. selling his harvest

23. lives - Dimas – village - in
The correct arrangement is ....
a. In village Dimas lives
b. Dimas lives in village
c. In lives Dimas village
d. Dimas in village lives

24. My father has toothache. He has to go to ....
a. scientist
b. doctor
c. dentist
d. mentalist

Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester  2 dan Kunci Jawaban
Mr. Hermawan is a ....
a. fisherman
b. postman
c. soldier
d. farmer

26. My sister makes juice. She needs ....
a. coffee
b. rice
c. carrot
d. flour

27. Mr. Hary and Mr. Wisnu live in one environment. They are as neighbor. So Mr. Hary’s house is .... to Mr. Wisnu’s house
a. far
b. near
c. fast
d. slow

28. Mr. Ahmad is a .... He goes to school everyday
a. farmer
b. singer
c. soldier
d. teacher

29. Mr. Gatot is a leader of SD Sukamaju. He is a ....
a. headmaster
b. vice principal
c. headman
d. class leader

30. Fisherman works in the ....
a. farm
b. sea
c. market
d. garden

II. Fill the blanks correctly !

1. Fruits and vegetables are good for our ....
Jawaban: health

2. Rambutan, avocado, apple are kinds of ....
Jawaban: fruits

3. .... makes us clever
Jawaban: Teacher

4. We can buy vegetables in the ....
Jawaban: market

5. Mrs. Seila .... a sister.
Jawaban: is

6. A man who acts in film is called ....
Jawaban: actor

7. Nurse’s job is help the ....
Jawaban: doctor

8. Mr. Dani is a .... He drives a taxi for his work
Jawaban: driver

9. Father and mother are our ....
Jawaban: parents

10. My father plants the rice in the field. He is a ....
Jawaban: farmer

III. Translate into English !

1. Murid-murid belajar di sekolah setiap hari
Jawaban: The students study at school everyday

2. Rumah itu sangat besar
Jawaban: That haouse is very big

3. Pamanku bekeja di kantor pos
Jawaban: My uncle works at the post office

4. Dinda lebih muda daripada Alvina
Jawaban: Dinda is younger than Alvina

5. Pak Hananto tinggal di jalan Mangga nomor 10 Kediri
Jawaban: Mr. Hananto lives on Mangga street number 10 Kediri

Demikian Prediksi Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester  2 dan Kunci Jawaban untuk kalian kalian yang duduk di bangku kelas 4 SD. Semoga bermanfaat. Terimakasih

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